Do you have a crane or excavator that you want to paint? Crane painting is a profession at itself and you need a professional painter and company to get the job done. For excavators painting applies the same. Other things that specialised painting companies deal with are for example tower cranes, crawler cranes, mobile cranes and associated boom parts, trucks, aerial platforms, bulldozers, shovels semi trailers and garbage trucks. These kind of machines are exposed to heavy loads during their use and therefor the paint needs to be resistant for the weather conditions in which they are used. Because of these conditions it is possible that damage or rust formation can occur. There are several paint systems that are provided with the conservation standards by specialized companies.

Crane painting is a specialized job

In the case of crane painting it is important to know that the basic machine and the equipment itself will be separated from each other at the moment that the painting job starts. After the painting process is done they will be attached together again. A specialized company knows how to deliver machines that will meet the high quality standards that are necessary. There is a special building needed to get this job done. In general it takes up to twelve hours to paint an entire crane. There are many processes that need to take place during this time. A professional painter for cranes understands these processes like no one else. Also for advise you can contact them.

Excavators painting is mostly done by spraying

If you want to have your excavators painted then this is normally done by a spray paint job. There can be many reasons why you decide to get a paint job done for your excavators. Maybe you want to refresh or customize the company colours or you decided to buy a second handed excavator, it doesn’t matter, a professional painting company can help you out! The first step to spray an excavator is to disassemble it. This is very important, because not all the parts need to be sprayed. First, every part will be cleaned thoroughly before the spraying paint can be used. A part of the cleaning process is also to take away the old coating and when necessary to cover the areas that will not be painted with tape, paper or foil.