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Virtual funeral, an innovation for this Day of the Dead

The funeral tradition is renewed in Mexico and Grupo Gayosso will start the service of Virtual Funeral with which people can be present in the wake of a loved one in the funeral homes of this institution, long distance.

Likewise, the company will and list of the 10 best mortician schools offer new services such as the delivery of a Memorial Book to the relatives, with the condolences that people leave written in special electronic devices for the case, in addition to photographs.

Oscar Chávez, Planning Director and spokesperson for Grupo Gayosso, ranked among the 10 largest worldwide, stressed that the company already has ready the Virtual Funeral service that will be launched in early 2017.

This project has been prepared for a year and will be launched in 11 funeral agencies of the group, initially and later in the rest, commented in an interview.

He explained that relatives or close people will be able to attend through their mobile devices or computer, to the vigilance of a loved one entering a special portal and with security requirements.

Chavez stressed that a wake in Mexico allows families and friends to gather around the departed loved one, so this social component continues to be in force and reinforced with virtual assistance for those who live in another entity or can not come for Some other reason.

Gayosso’s marketing director also said that in 2017 there will be unprecedented investments and there will be some changes where people will be offered more comfort when they say goodbye to their loved one.

The Gayosso Group, which has been in existence for 142 years, ranks eight among the world’s largest and most advanced agencies, and has been characterized by Mexico’s flagship funeral home, which maintains tradition, but also sets the course To be followed for other companies in the sector.

For this November 2, Gayosso will support the work “The Tales of Catrina” to be presented in the Lunario del Auditorio Nacional, which was adapted to take it to some schools and that the funeral tradition in Mexico is still alive.