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Montreal, June 4, 2002

Discover the automobile race of the future according to Jacques Villeneuve

Jacques Villeneuve, Ubi Soft Entertainment and WEG Management unveiled today a sneak preview of their new video game. Taking place in the downtown streets of some of the world's most beautiful cities, the game's graphic and technological innovations offer players an exceptionally powerful and unique driving experience. Additionally, the game's online capabilities will enable the selection of the best pilots who will face Jacques Villeneuve in a virtual championship. The game is due out on PC in Canada in September and on next generation consoles during the Fall.

Involved in the project for the past two years, Jacques Villeneuve worked closely with the Ubi Soft development team to provide players with a new racing challenge featuring an emphasis on driver performance. "We wanted a game with innovative and futuristic features that would create a vision of the automobile race of tomorrow as imagined by champion Jacques Villeneuve," commented Sébastien Delen, the game's producer. "Players will be delighted by functions they've never before seen in a video game, such as autopilot and autoreforming of cars."

"I'm very proud of the outcome of this game which comes straight from my imagination. Integrating innovative driving sensations and advanced settings options, I'm convinced it will thrill gamers, from beginners to advanced.'' said Jacques Villeneuve.

The game offers the following features:

- A choice of six state-of-the-art super-powered cars;
- Ground-breaking game features: autopilot, autoreform, etc.;
- 11 realistic courses based on real routes through some of the world's great cities;
- Multi-player Internet mode.

The name of the game will be chosen following a contest with auto racing game fans in the month of June. For further information, check the site www.jvracingvision.com

About Ubi Soft:
Ubi Soft Entertainment produces and publishes interactive games worldwide. The Group is a leader in its field, and offers a diversified product range which is constantly growing. Ubi Soft develops its own products, and also works with famous developers. The Group's ambition is to supply the public with games of excellent quality which allow thrilling experiences to be shared. Set up in 1986, Ubi Soft is present in 21 countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, France and China. The Group distributes its own products and those of other publishers in 55 countries. Consult: www.ubisoft.ca

About WEG Management
WEG Management, a company that oversees the management of sports licenses, has been mandated by Jacques Villeneuve to develop the game's concept, follow all steps of its development and organize the online contest which will enable the selection and crowning of the first virtual world champion.

The face, name and helmet of Jacques Villeneuve are protected internationally by trademarks. Produced under license from Goldstar Holdings Corporation. Original concept by Weg Management Ltd.

(c) 2002 Ubi Soft Entertainement. All Rights Reserved.

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