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Learn accounting by playing video game GoVenture Accounting

The ability of serious games to enter truly “serious” territories is catapulting gender as a business tool. In this line, today we bring a title that offers the possibility of training the player in a field as complex as business accounting and bookkeeping services newcastle. This is GoVenture Accounting, a simulation video game that allows the player to acquire practical accounting skills while managing a virtual business.

More than a playful theme of basic accounting, this serious game puts the player in the shoes of a business owner who can directly experience the impact and importance of accounting. Each action is recorded in the context of a real business situation, a business that the player sees evolve for days, months and years.

Each accounting entry is done through a window that simulates decision making in real life. The simulation will not take place until the correct action is performed. If the player gets stuck, it gives him the option to get basic information to better understand the transaction or, directly, get the correct answer.

GoVenture Accounting tracks the player and, every time you access the game, gives you a report on the performance of your work. This allows you to know if the player is doing the transactions correctly and if he is progressing within the business simulation.

Simulation automatically generates financial reports such as balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, ledgers, general ledger and others that are based on published accounting entries. The game also leaves a role for instructors, who can assign extra learning activities external to the simulation, using spreadsheets and other approaches.

The player must decide which products to sell and where and when to sell them in order to maximize profits. Product pricing, inventory management, advertising hiring, reviewing financial statements, hiring employees, managing schedules, accounting practices … All these are aspects that the player works in GoVenture Accounting, A videogame in which there is a permanent evaluation of the decisions that are made, as well as of their impact in the market and in the satisfaction of the clients.