17th November 2019 started like any other day in history, with mankind not having an inkling that an occurrence with the capacity to shut down the world economy was in the offing. The months preceding that fateful day have been most unusual, with the last time such an event of global proportions and medical concerns happened being the Spanish Flu of 1918 to 1920.

The coronavirus spread aggressively due to increased transnational borders, and the effects in respect to the loss of lives and businesses were huge, so huge that by April 2020, a newspaper reported that the new car industry suffered a decline as a result of the shutdown of factories and reduced demands for new vehicles. One can imagine that those that needed to would prefer buying a car online, further reducing the human resource needs of dealerships and car lots, while car rental companies sold off parts of their fleet as the economic impact of the pandemic lingered on. Reports as of June 2020 showed that new car sales in the United States declined by 30 per cent, while in the United Kingdom, the decline was about 90 per cent.

Opportunities are sometimes cloaked in misfortunes, however, so the pandemic offered people an opportunity to get products at very cheap rates as the sellers tried to offload the products to find liquidity. This means that there is higher availability of used cars than new cars due to the pandemic. However, it is best to read independent customer reviews on reviewsbird.co.uk before taking any concrete decision.

Is it a good idea tobuy a car during a pandemic? The answer depends largely on the individual involved. However, answering a few questions objectively can offer insights into what steps to take next.

  • Is your existing car totally unfixable? If not, you might want to hold your reins.
  • Do you need to move about within this period, especially with the lockdown and partial lockdown in some countries of the world? If you do, then getting a car is more of a need rather than a want, which is justifiable.
  • Can you ride a bike instead of a car? Since there won’t be much social life during the pandemic, you might not need a car to get around.
  • Do you have some money to serve as a reserve for the period, considering that jobs are being lost and businesses being shut down? How secure is your job? Don’t forget that even if the car was purchased cheaper than usual because of the pandemic, fueling, maintenance and repair services will still be a factor for spending.

If you have answered these questions objectively, you might even consider renting a car as a better option than buying outrightly. Some people did not step out of their houses for the duration of the first lockdown, and the same will likely prove true for the second round of lockdown. The answer to whether buying a car during the pandemic is a good idea or not lies totally on the individual, and the type of lifestyle they have to live during the pandemic.