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If you have arrived here, it is because you are not very clear that it is a kayak, and what is worse, you do not know what you want. Knowing the types of kayak and its characteristics is what you will see here. A good start is to know the difference between kayaking, kayak and canoeKayaking is like canoe , and boat Eskimos. You are sitting on the helmet, with your legs stretched out and the shovel has two leaves. As simple as that.

Canoeing is what led the Indians of the movies. A boat where you go kneeling, or sitting on a crossbar, and the shovel is a single blade. This position greatly influences the behavior of the boat and comfort of the paddler. Only good for calm waters and there are better options for the sea. He thinks that he does not carry reserves of buoyancy and when being open the water enters easily with the waves. The canoe is not very popular in Spain and is only recommended if you know very well that is what you are looking for.


This is not a scale from worse to better, each type of kayak is used for something different, so forget about a kayak for everything. As some order had to be established, I will place them benefits .

At the lowest rung, we found the best inflatable kayak . They are boats, with elongated shape, I would not consider them kayak. Wide and tall behave fatal in the water and do not convey good feelings. By cons are cheap and are transported more easily. I would only consider it as an option if you do not have space, or if your budget is 100-200 euros.

Inflatable kayak

A little further up are the autovaciables or sit on tops kayaks . Being very simple is an open type kayak. These and the inflatables are the ones that put us morritos and little eyes so that you buy them when you go to Decathlon. Surely that has been the beginning of many people. They are made of plastic, and they are very resistant, they endure everything. They are minimalist and do not sink. In case of water fall you can climb with ease. It also allows freedom of movement . All this makes it an ideal boat for people starting, wants diving, fishing or surfing . On the other hand, they are kayaks with little seafaring lines, and very wide. This results in a lot of stability but little capacity to do a few kilometers. And what’s worse: you get wet, especially at sea. In summer, spring. The rest of the year, no. There is also a hue and is that going over the kayak, the center of gravity is higher, and as just touch the boat with his feet and buttocks, control and strength you can do is lower . There is a brand Hobie kayak that puts pedals. I also do not want to forget the CubyKayak an innovative halfway between the detachable and self – emptying concept, although a beach mat it looks like.

Self-emptying kayak

Then we had to  closed kayak . They are the ones that most resemble the original concept that was born thousands of years ago in Greenland. You sit inside and you put a skirt at the waist (covers) that seals the water entrance. The interior can be flooded, so it must carry watertight compartments. In this type of kayak there are many variants. The length and width (long and wide for dryland) are the main variables. With a width of 60 cm and a length of 350 cm we are already talking about a kayak that offers decent performance for an adult. But there are a few more (hull shape, volume …) that will mark the behavior of the kayak. All of them adapt to the waters where you are going to sail, and the benefits that you want. They are manufactured in various materials and is the best format if you intend to make yourself kayaking .

Closed kayak

A variant is closed whitewater kayak . They are very short kayaks where the boat is reduced to the minimum and the maneuverability is the maximum end. This virtue will be worth to negotiate the turbulent waters of a river or a wave. Also to make impossible turns and somersaults. There are variants like that are a little longer and incorporate a tambourine to carry the snack, a mute and little else. Others allow pirouettes and acrobatics. In these kayaks the eskimotaje maneuver is a requirement, not an option. The times I’ve tried I’ve been a bit overwhelmed because it’s not easy to get out of them. At least in an upright position.

Kayak surf

The type of kayak more unknown to me is the removable kayak . This format triumphed as Chicane in the last century and for a time marked the awakening of this sport . It is a wooden cage (or aluminum) covered by a waterproof fabric. It is the dream of many traveling people, because it fits in a big backpack. But nevertheless it maintains lines that allow to him to have a good benefits. By contra they are expensive. There is one that has become famous, the Oru kayak for geek out on many sites. Far from being a toast to the design, its manufacturers are betting on a powerful distribution, and to prove that it is a valid kayak to navigate almost anywhere ..

Removable kayak

Now we move on to the kayaks racing (track). Here the minimum weight and a design that allows to cut the water are the desired characteristics. Stability, comfort and maneuverability are forgotten. In this sense are what are called track kayaks or calm waters, where the ass gets you right and the knees usually go outside the bath. One of these was my first kayak.

Kayak track

A step further are the surfski , kayaks to run into the sea. They are kayaks with a line similar to those of track and autovaciables, so they do not sink. Its design is optimized to surf for a good time the waves. As in track kayaks surfski are built with composite materials. In both cases it is paddled with a bucket to find the maximum traction.

Surfski kdmlevante

The kayak polo would be like a mixture of water polo and bumper cars. These kayaks are usually fiber, very short for great maneuverability. With a very round helmet to facilitate the eskimo, and protections in stern and bow because the contact is allowed. Its profile is low to allow if a kayak is raised on top, lower easily. It’s the porno side of the kayak.

Polo kayak

An interesting variant is the Polynesian or Va’a canoe . This is a fast variant that comes from exotic places in the Pacific. In the right hands they fly in the sea. It is like a surfski to which we add a small skate to give stability in the sea. It is an excellent option for people with disabilities.

Polynesian canoe or vaa paracanoa

In almost all types of kayak (less in the one of pole and surf) it is possible that it is double or triple. Now that you know the types of kayak Worth knowing that soon grew tired of my Rotomod Ocean Duo , and read my tips for buying a kayak closed. All of these differences will help you a little so that you do not get into those rubber sellers who want to sell you anything. ” Quiet with this kayak whitewater turn around to Mallorca “. If you still have questions send me an email .