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How to clean the upholstery of your car and leave it sparkling with these simple tips

Now is the summer, a period of intensive vehicles on long trips during which the upholstery of your car will be exposed to various dangers in the form of soft drinks, coffee, fast food or baby milk.

The interior of our vehicles is often an authentic letter of introduction that speaks without shame about its owner. In SpaceToyota we want to lend a hand with a few tricks to get out of trouble if the once pristine upholstery is attacked by the ruthless stain on duty.

Coffee, fat …

For spills of coffee it is best to dilute it immediately, or at least as soon as possible, with cold and dry with paper towels or clean rags water. If the stain persists after it has dried use a glass cleaner spray. Completely moisten the area, leave it to stand for about five minutes and dry. The crystals help clean all types of carpet and upholstery without leaving the jabonos residue or most traditional carpet cleaners, which attract more dirt after use.

Gt86 interior

The more greasy stains can be removed by rubbing paint thinner (do a test before in some area out of sight) with a cotton cloth 100 100 clean. Then cover the stain with salt until the remaining fat is absorbed, and then pass a good vacuum. Another option is to cover the stain with cornmeal and let it stand all night, sucking the next morning.

You know that drinking and driving does not lead to anything good. But if a passenger has a mishap with his beer or spilled some alcohol from a bottle in the trunk what you must do is dilute the stain immediately with plenty of cold water to avoid color loss permanent on the web.

One trick that suits me well for yoghurt and dairy stains is to rub it with lots of water with very little neutral soap, I usually use bath gel. A good sponge and a little patience and no trace left.

Blood and the dreaded vomiting

I still remember the very unpleasant feeling of dizziness on the twisty roads of Asturias as a child. We had already established a kind of “protocol” when the peak moment arrived, never better said, and my sister or I threw as an exorcist girl. The vomiting of children , adults or pets, should be diluted and neutralized (s acid) with mineral water or a mixture of baking soda and water.

Not so common are stains blood but especially in family cars, we can also come up with them occasionally. It is very important not to use hot water that actually would fix the stain, it is appropriate to cover the stain as soon as possible with a paste made from dry laundry starch and cold water. Allow to dry and then brush or vacuum the residue.

Carpet and carpet cleaning tips

For general cleaning of carpets or rugs, mix a bucket of hot water, a good amount of dishwashing detergent and add a cup of white vinegar. Essential to a good brush with stiff bristles to work the mixture thoroughly into the fabric fibers. Leave to stand for 30 minutes and then dry with thick towels or absorbent rags.

If the carpet starts to smell bad , sprinkle Borax generously, then let it act for an hour before vacuuming thoroughly. Borax kills bacteria that are often the cause of bad smell. If your dog travels with you, you will be interested in knowing that a second Borax application will kill fleas and their eggs.

Interior Toyota Auris Touting Sports

Before the carpet begins to show excessive wear , vacuum them as you would at home. This will lift the fibers and counteract the long-term effects of the dirt that has been accumulating. If the situation is really bad, you might consider using a shark steam cleaning machine . If you do make sure you get rid of all the moisture when you’re done, stepping on a wet carpet will only damage the fibers even more.

Of course in the market you can find multitude of specific products, for the leather also, that are suitable for maintenance of the different surfaces of the car.

But much more valuable are those tricks we all have and that will help us keep the interior of our vehicle in the state it deserves. Just remember that it is advisable to do a small test in some non visible area of ​​the material before applying chemicals.