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How SEO looks like Formula 1

Formula 1 is perhaps one of the most contested competitions in the world, where the best will always strive to stay in the top position, in a strategic way and where a whole team dedicated to this purpose participates.

For this example we will put google, bing and yahoo. Like the track where the race will run.

The brands of a specific market will be the teams (some with more name than others).

The team is the agency or collaborators who support the professional in search engine optimisation gold coast.

The pilot is in charge of carrying in his vehicle all responsibility for the positioning strategy and will be directly responsible for making the results evident.

In search of the pole position (In search of entering the SERP).

All teams start with the same opportunities on the track; The weather, track terrain and additional factors must be analyzed by the team throughout the development of qualifying tests.

They allow a series of technologies and each team decides and invests a budget to get better and overcome their opponents.

The rules of the race are very clear, those who violate them will receive a penalty or punishment, if the team or the pilot rejoins, this will see the black flag and the race is over.

In SEO  ranking tests, they are just entering with a series of keywords and start competing for that long-sought pole or first positions in the SERP (Search engine result pages), where there are already experienced brands, which have already Run that same track for n seasons and know which are the best drivers and the best team to achieve the best positions.

Existing technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Mobile applications, Site maps, CMS, etc. can be used.

The rules in the search engines are clear. “If you do black hat seo strategies, you will be penalized and then you will disappear from the race.”

Start an endless race.

The 10 output positions are already defined; These are the most opted to win, but any error or oversight at the time of departure can result in loss of positions (leaving in the first place does not assure anything to the team, the team and the pilot), after all the Which leaves at position 20 also knows how to drive.

Semaphores  in green and to take care of the position.

If formula 1 is not fully optimized and something fails, the race is over. The same happens in SEO, during the race to maintain the positioning, it is important to keep constant updates and optimization complete to not fail and lose all the effort and investment of the team.

The entrance to pits.

It’s time for a help, the pilot has been doing his job well, but …

… can not do everything “imagine for a moment the pilot entering pits, and changing the four wheels himself, would spend many valuable seconds before getting out.

In SEO  the team that supports the strategy plays vital part, graphic design, metrics analysis, development with semantic structure and clean code, content writing, research, etc. They make the task much easier for the pilot.

The coverage of the media.

A team that never wins or stays in the top positions, does not receive the same coverage by the press and the world media, in exchange for the team that remains in the top positions becomes famous, receives money for Publicity, achieves first plans in the specialized newspapers, are in the mouth of opinion leaders, fans buy the brand and are happy to use it and watch it win.

In SEO   this activity is called linkbuilding which translates into trustrank, and is only to make the user feel good with the results of the brand and speak well of it in other sites or social networks. Achieving thus attract more fans, who are going to buy things of the brand to use it and to show it everywhere.

A puncture or failure in the pits.

The winning driver can be very confident, but at any moment unforeseen or mistakes can arise within the team that can damage the whole strategy (a personal twitt from the company account, for example) and after winning with a Advantage quite comfortable, you can lose it and finish in the last positions.

In SEO It  means that nothing insures a privileged position for life and stop performing actions to maintain it, will only cause that position to be lost at some point, “maybe the competition is not pinch”.

¿ And small teams?

Those are the ones that most are analyzing and rescuing the best of them, which is why the big teams tend to hire the best talent of the small as part of their strategy to continue maintaining those positions of privilege.

Although a small team fences losing the race by 2 laps of advantage, at the moment of an error it will only be a matter of seconds to recover those 2 laps.

Every year the rules change.

Each season changes the rules of the game and all teams must understand and adapt in the best way to continue to succeed in the race that come to the future.

This translates to SEO, when search engines perform updates (panda, penguin, tiger in bing and etc.), where the whole strategy can go to the floor and must be redefined. You should not criticize, or try to overturn what has already been established, it is best to adapt as soon as possible and to be successful before these changes that are becoming more frequent in SEO.