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© 2002 Ubi Soft Entertainement. All Rights Reserved.
The face, name and helmet of Jacques Villeneuve are protected internationally by trademarks. Produced under licence from Goldstar Holdings Corporation. Original concept by Weg Management Ltd.

Take part in the first Virtual Championship on the racetrack of the future! But be warned this track is nothing like those you've dared in the past. The driving force behind it is the imagination of Jacques Villeneuve, racing champion.

See through the eyes of Jacques Villeneuve!
Forget your simulators, share the excitement of a professional. Jacques Villeneuve took part in all stages of the game's development to guarantee you an intense, true-to-life experience at the wheel.
A new kind of skill
All the cars were designed with the same specs, so only your skill in the driver's seat can get you that checkered flag. Choose from 6 high-tech, hyper-fast, single-seat models and take advantage of the all-new gaming features: Autopilot, Car Auto-Repair, the Target...
Off-track racing in real-world settings!
Ever driven 300 klicks per hour down the Champs-Elysées? Discover 11 super-detailed tracks through the actual streets of great cities (Paris, London, Montreal...) and witness mind-boggling crashes.