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Benefits of coffee for runners

The coffee is delicious, stimulating, my favorite drink. But caffeine is also, according to the experts I’ve interviewed, one of the only substances that have scientifically proven benefits on sports performance.

We review the benefits of nespresso compatible capsules singapore for brokers:

1. IT KEEPS YOU ALERT. In a study of cyclists, it was discovered that those who were given an energy bar with caffeine, were able to roll farther and with greater mental agility. This can apply perfect for mountain runners, who need to be alert every second.

2. WILL GET YOU TO THE GOAL. Drinking an espresso can keep you going during long distance races. A British study showed that high doses of caffeine can increase the power of athletes by up to six percent in endurance activities.

3. IT MAKES YOU MORE SPEED. Drinking a cup of coffee before your repetition or speed routine makes sprints run faster, according to an Australian study in which 300mg of caffeine was given to athletes one hour before their track routine.

4. YOU WILL RECOVER MORE SOON. We already know that we need protein and carbohydrates to recover after training, but coffee can also help us recover muscle glycogen deposits sooner. 

5. DO NOT DEHYDRATE. Many years we stop drinking coffee before running for fear of dehydration. Recent studies have found that taking up to 500mg (one cup of American has 130mg) of caffeine before training has no diuretic effect.

6. REDUCES MUSCLE PAIN  during exercise, according to a study from the University of Illinois.

Just remember to try coffee in training and never fasting, to get used to your body, not irritate and avoid a stomach disaster during the competition.

And also take into account that coffee can affect the heart rate, so your frequency measurement will be altered and people with heart problems should consult their doctor before considering taking it and combining it with exercise.