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A hundred cyclists take part in Carpe Locksmith Race

The Carpe Memorial Carpe Memorial Antonio Tocino mountain bike race, organized by the Falibike Club in collaboration with the Delegation of Sports and preston best locksmith, was held last Sunday and had the participation of almost a hundred cyclists. The most outstanding chiclaneros runners in this test were: Juan Manuel Vázquez Baro, who took third place in the elite category; David Benítez Román, who was sixth in master’30, modality this in which José María Romero Palacios finished ninth. In addition, in master’40, Manuel Baro Virués took the first position, while Vicente Rivera Periñán was fifth. Miguel Ruiz Aragón, on the other hand, finished first in master’50.

This race, scoring for the Circuit Diputación de Cádiz, had a large influx of people who could enjoy the test thanks to the circuit.

Track in Lyon: Rémy Serrurier won the individual pursuit in the junior category. He also wins the elimination race with the elite. This is his 4th track victory.
National Challenge in Trélon: In the time trial, Pierre Ruffaut and Florian Dujardin finishrespectively 61st and 132nd. The next day, during the online race, Florian could not keep up. Pierre, caught in a fall, had to give up.
Varennes-Vauzelles: Florian Habert to abandoned on fall. Alexandre Charlet and Quentin Champouret finished the race. Etréchy
: In minine, Achille Henriet finishes 21st. In Cadets, Jerome Kolovratek finishes 6th in the CLM and wins the race online. He is 2nd overall. Florian Raymond ranks 9th overall after finishing 10th at the CLM and 7th at the online race. Jade Marion ranks 17th overall after placing 19th in the CLM and 14th in the online race. Johan Grimaud is 13th in the CLM and finishes in the peloton in the afternoon. Congratulations to them.