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8 movies to experience the adrenaline of F1

The F1 is back in Mexico City for the second consecutive year. After the milestone success of the last edition, this top category of motorsport returns to our country and there is no better way to approach its frenetic curve than through the best films on the subject. Even when it comes to a world overloaded with dopamine, action, drama, impact machines, glamor, stunning women and eccentric characters; you should know that there are relatively few  HD Movies and cinematic titles that have fully tackled this stellar competition of speed.

Minor circuits to Formula 1 have gained great notoriety on the big screen with classics such as Thunder Days (Tony Scott, 1990) around the NASCAR series orLe Mans (Lee H. Katzin, 1971) with Steve McQueen on board the annual 24-hour race in France. In the same way, some mythical figures of motorsport have also been portrayed in large format, both from fiction and from a documentary approach.

One of the names that still sound to be the fuel of a future project is that of the Enzo Ferrari . Veteran director Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral, Miami Vice) plans for 2018 a biopic located in the 50s when the Italian was a determining factor in the rise of F1. On another lane, several stars of the wheel do not lose opportunity to join forces with the cinema. Such is the case of Lewis Hamilton, who made a cameo in the not very lucky sequel to Zoolander 2 (Ben Stiller, 2016). Next, we go through the films of the highest level without brake, thanks to a powerful visual and narrative discourse, you will be able to see in the foreground the exciting world of F1. To burn tire!

Year: 2010.
Address: Asif Kapadia.
Fuel: Documentary explosive with journalistic material focused on Brazilian pilot Ayrton Senna, who after being crowned three times in F1 died at 34 years old.

Year: 2013.
Direction: Ron Howard.
Fuel: The rivalry between James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) reaches maximum levels in this dizzying adventure that every man must see.

Year: 1972.
Direction: Frank Simon.
Fuel: Version restored in 2013 of the classic document that registers the weekend that Roman Polanski accompanied Jackie Stewart in the Grand Prix of Monaco 1971.

Year: 1966.
Direction: John Frankenheimer.
Fuel: The acting skills of James Garner and Yves Montand as pilots. While Eve-Marie Saint and Toshiro Mifune add up in the team.

Year: 2013.
Direction: Paul Crowder.
Fuel: Narration by Michael Fassbender on an unbeatable generation of drivers willing to take any risk to achieve glory. A must-see documentary.

Year: 1977.
Direction: Sydney Pollack.
Fuel: Drama focused on a famous pilot (Al Pacino), who falls in love with a woman condemned to death (Martha Keller).

Year: 1999.
Direction: Alberto Lecchi.
Fuel: Chaos dominates when a revolutionary group from Cuba “changes the route” of the legendary Argentinean pilot Juan Manuel Fangio (Darío Grandinetti) in the II Grand Prix of Havana in 1958.

Year: 1975.
Direction: Claude Du Boc.
Fuel: Dizzying coral testimony that will literally put you on the edge of the seat with memorable performances by Niki Lauda, ​​Jackie Stewart and Fracois Cevert.