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The face, name and helmet of Jacques Villeneuve are protected internationally by trademarks. Produced under licence from Goldstar Holdings Corporation. Original concept by Weg Management Ltd.

Discover the automobile race of the future according to Jacques Villeneuve

Montreal, June 4, 2002 - Jacques Villeneuve, Ubi Soft Entertainment and WEG Management unveiled today a sneak preview of their new video game. Taking place in the downtown streets of some of the world's most beautiful cities, the game's graphic and technological innovations offer players an exceptionally powerful and unique driving experience.

An Internet contest will be launched at the end of 2002 allowing car racing enthusiasts to face each other. At the end of this competition, the best drivers will have a chance to measure up to Jacques Villeneuve in person. The first Virtual World Champion will be crowned and outstanding prizes will be awarded to the finalists.


New Stories

How to do sports photography for wedding: preparation and style

The sports photography is a demanding discipline and to face it with guarantees proper and thorough preparation, both technical and style is required. In a first post we explained how to focus a session of sport photography from a more technical point of view , defining the usual conditions that we find in this kind of events, the most suitable photographic equipment to carry and the configuration of our team. In this new entry, we will focus more on the aesthetic part and preparation prior to the session, with the aim of having under control the largest number of elements and thus successfully overcome the session.

Preparing the session: before firing

Ok, we are clear that we are going to cover a sporting event. It may be our son’s football game, a friend who has asked us to cover a basketball tournament to have images for the web, or simply that we like the world of the motor and want to have powerful images of a motorcycle race. Whatever the starting point, once we accept the order, we will have to take a series of steps that will help us obtain the best possible images. Here are some tips to keep in mind long before you start shooting.

1. Know your photographic equipment … and define the session

Repeated ad nauseam, but a great truth and applicable to any type of photography, but especially relevant in sports photography. If you master your team, you will know everything it can offer, its limits of work and, therefore, what photographs you can take with an acceptable quality and which ones you miss.

It means that I have to know the menus and options that the camera gives me but also that I must know how it responds to extreme situations : up to which ISO I can shoot with an acceptable noise, how many photos can I shoot in burst and how long does it take for the buffer to update, How many steps can I overexpose a photo without burning it, what is the minimum speed at which I can shoot “freehand” or with a monopod without trepidation being a problem, how long does it take to focus, in what situations does it cost or how to do it? quickly.

In short, a series of questions that are answered by practicing and putting it to the test. Obviously, you can practice during the session itself, but in sports photography that means losing some photographs.

Once I know what my team can do for me, I can define which photographs I want to makein the session in a coherent way and I will reduce the frustration of not being able to obtain according to what type of images. So, if I do not have a sufficiently bright TV maybe I should minimize the close-ups to those moments when the players are really close and when it is not so focus more on more open photographs to capture the atmosphere of a match, the clashes with the rivals, etc.

The goal: to get the most out of my team , so that I have the best possible pictures, which will surely leave me satisfied.

2. Check your photographic equipment before leaving

It is an obvious advice, but it should appear. It is important that you do not leave anything at home that you may need during the session. What goals are you going to use? Do you have enough batteries and are they fully charged? Are the cards empty and ready for use? In fact, it does not hurt to get a checklist to ensure that we do not leave anything forgotten.

On the other hand, in the previous post we already answered some of these questions and which is the most advisable equipment for sports photography sessions, but each pre wedding photographermust make his own analysis and respond based on the equipment he has and the type of photos you want to take.

3. Know the place and prepare the framings and compositions with time before the session

Arrive with plenty of time before the competition begins. It is important that you have room to explore the area and thus analyze where it will be best for you to place yourselfto make each type of photograph you have in mind. Try to visualize how the photos obtained in each place will be, how far the protagonists will be, what settings in the camera you will use, etc.

You can also take advantage of these moments of calm to find different and more creative photos that you can execute when the sport starts. Pay attention and take advantage of possible elements and structures of the place, look for original points of view, integrate the environment. Doing it before the event, with all the tranquility of the world, will surely allow you to discover / think about options that will hardly appear when you are in the heat of the session and that will greatly enrich your series and give it a special touch.

4. Measure the light

Another key reason to arrive with plenty of time to sports facilities is to have room to make the relevant measurements of light . So you can see in what open-speed-ISO values ​​you will have to move.

It is convenient to make measurements at different points to check if the light is homogeneous in the whole area where you are going to take pictures, or if otherwise it varies.

If the session is outdoors, keep in mind that shadows can be much darker than sunny areas. In addition, if the protagonist is backlit or the sun is full, the correct exposure can vary appreciably. These moments before the event are perfect to estimate all these elements and decide, again with much more calm, the best solution.

For example, in outdoor sports events with sunlight, it is usually necessary to overexpose the image about 2/3 EV when the protagonist is backlit (or even more if the sun is low) or underexpose about 2/3 if the sun play full Anyway, these values ​​are indicative and the correct thing is to check them and measure them “in situ”, in the field of competition.

5. Get to know the sport … and the athletes

Knowing well the sport that you are going to photograph will help you a lot to take the best pictures. It will allow you to anticipate the action or even decide how to take a picturebecause you already know in advance what will happen. For example, in football, when there is a corner kick we are sure that there will be a lot of action and interesting in the small area, so it can be smart to focus in that area and have the blast ready to shoot at the moment the ball approaches the players who are waiting for it.

Knowing the sport also includes getting to know the athletes . If we go to elite basketball, in some cases we will know which player has all the numbers to play the decisive ball that resolves the game. There it will be clear who should be followed even with one eye while the other eye follows the ball.

With this application you can follow live and live races, general classifications and updated news about your team or favorite driver

The application to live this year’s Formula 1 championship on our mobile phones is brought by Vodafone. It is available for smartphones that use the Android operating system and also for Blackberry PGP. The cost and use of the application is free, but the subscription to the news has a price: 1.77 euros per week (USD $ 2.29). To be encouraged to try it the first week is free and if you do not convince us, you already know what to do.

For starters, fans can follow the live broadcast of the races and the general classification of the championship. The Sixth channel can be seen live.

From the Careers tab , you can access all the information available for this season’s races, including dates, round-trip summary, circuit, classification …

There is also a news section that is updated minute by minuteand another by Antena 3 , from where we access from the mobile and live to the programming of Formula 1, as well as with the channel of the Sixth.

And for the most anxious, a system of alerts of Formula 1 to receive the information live.

It seems a fairly complete application. For those who really like Formula 1 can be an interesting option to follow your team or your favorite driver. If you really like this competition, remember that you can try the application with the free subscription for a week.

A hundred cyclists take part in Carpe Locksmith Race

The Carpe Memorial Carpe Memorial Antonio Tocino mountain bike race, organized by the Falibike Club in collaboration with the Delegation of Sports and preston best locksmith, was held last Sunday and had the participation of almost a hundred cyclists. The most outstanding chiclaneros runners in this test were: Juan Manuel Vázquez Baro, who took third place in the elite category; David Benítez Román, who was sixth in master’30, modality this in which José María Romero Palacios finished ninth. In addition, in master’40, Manuel Baro Virués took the first position, while Vicente Rivera Periñán was fifth. Miguel Ruiz Aragón, on the other hand, finished first in master’50.

This race, scoring for the Circuit Diputación de Cádiz, had a large influx of people who could enjoy the test thanks to the circuit.

Track in Lyon: Rémy Serrurier won the individual pursuit in the junior category. He also wins the elimination race with the elite. This is his 4th track victory.
National Challenge in Trélon: In the time trial, Pierre Ruffaut and Florian Dujardin finishrespectively 61st and 132nd. The next day, during the online race, Florian could not keep up. Pierre, caught in a fall, had to give up.
Varennes-Vauzelles: Florian Habert to abandoned on fall. Alexandre Charlet and Quentin Champouret finished the race. Etréchy
: In minine, Achille Henriet finishes 21st. In Cadets, Jerome Kolovratek finishes 6th in the CLM and wins the race online. He is 2nd overall. Florian Raymond ranks 9th overall after finishing 10th at the CLM and 7th at the online race. Jade Marion ranks 17th overall after placing 19th in the CLM and 14th in the online race. Johan Grimaud is 13th in the CLM and finishes in the peloton in the afternoon. Congratulations to them.

Benefits of coffee for runners

The coffee is delicious, stimulating, my favorite drink. But caffeine is also, according to the experts I’ve interviewed, one of the only substances that have scientifically proven benefits on sports performance.

We review the benefits of nespresso compatible capsules singapore for brokers:

1. IT KEEPS YOU ALERT. In a study of cyclists, it was discovered that those who were given an energy bar with caffeine, were able to roll farther and with greater mental agility. This can apply perfect for mountain runners, who need to be alert every second.

2. WILL GET YOU TO THE GOAL. Drinking an espresso can keep you going during long distance races. A British study showed that high doses of caffeine can increase the power of athletes by up to six percent in endurance activities.

3. IT MAKES YOU MORE SPEED. Drinking a cup of coffee before your repetition or speed routine makes sprints run faster, according to an Australian study in which 300mg of caffeine was given to athletes one hour before their track routine.

4. YOU WILL RECOVER MORE SOON. We already know that we need protein and carbohydrates to recover after training, but coffee can also help us recover muscle glycogen deposits sooner. 

5. DO NOT DEHYDRATE. Many years we stop drinking coffee before running for fear of dehydration. Recent studies have found that taking up to 500mg (one cup of American has 130mg) of caffeine before training has no diuretic effect.

6. REDUCES MUSCLE PAIN  during exercise, according to a study from the University of Illinois.

Just remember to try coffee in training and never fasting, to get used to your body, not irritate and avoid a stomach disaster during the competition.

And also take into account that coffee can affect the heart rate, so your frequency measurement will be altered and people with heart problems should consult their doctor before considering taking it and combining it with exercise.

8 movies to experience the adrenaline of F1

The F1 is back in Mexico City for the second consecutive year. After the milestone success of the last edition, this top category of motorsport returns to our country and there is no better way to approach its frenetic curve than through the best films on the subject. Even when it comes to a world overloaded with dopamine, action, drama, impact machines, glamor, stunning women and eccentric characters; you should know that there are relatively few  HD Movies and cinematic titles that have fully tackled this stellar competition of speed.

Minor circuits to Formula 1 have gained great notoriety on the big screen with classics such as Thunder Days (Tony Scott, 1990) around the NASCAR series orLe Mans (Lee H. Katzin, 1971) with Steve McQueen on board the annual 24-hour race in France. In the same way, some mythical figures of motorsport have also been portrayed in large format, both from fiction and from a documentary approach.

One of the names that still sound to be the fuel of a future project is that of the Enzo Ferrari . Veteran director Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral, Miami Vice) plans for 2018 a biopic located in the 50s when the Italian was a determining factor in the rise of F1. On another lane, several stars of the wheel do not lose opportunity to join forces with the cinema. Such is the case of Lewis Hamilton, who made a cameo in the not very lucky sequel to Zoolander 2 (Ben Stiller, 2016). Next, we go through the films of the highest level without brake, thanks to a powerful visual and narrative discourse, you will be able to see in the foreground the exciting world of F1. To burn tire!

Year: 2010.
Address: Asif Kapadia.
Fuel: Documentary explosive with journalistic material focused on Brazilian pilot Ayrton Senna, who after being crowned three times in F1 died at 34 years old.

Year: 2013.
Direction: Ron Howard.
Fuel: The rivalry between James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) reaches maximum levels in this dizzying adventure that every man must see.

Year: 1972.
Direction: Frank Simon.
Fuel: Version restored in 2013 of the classic document that registers the weekend that Roman Polanski accompanied Jackie Stewart in the Grand Prix of Monaco 1971.

Year: 1966.
Direction: John Frankenheimer.
Fuel: The acting skills of James Garner and Yves Montand as pilots. While Eve-Marie Saint and Toshiro Mifune add up in the team.

Year: 2013.
Direction: Paul Crowder.
Fuel: Narration by Michael Fassbender on an unbeatable generation of drivers willing to take any risk to achieve glory. A must-see documentary.

Year: 1977.
Direction: Sydney Pollack.
Fuel: Drama focused on a famous pilot (Al Pacino), who falls in love with a woman condemned to death (Martha Keller).

Year: 1999.
Direction: Alberto Lecchi.
Fuel: Chaos dominates when a revolutionary group from Cuba “changes the route” of the legendary Argentinean pilot Juan Manuel Fangio (Darío Grandinetti) in the II Grand Prix of Havana in 1958.

Year: 1975.
Direction: Claude Du Boc.
Fuel: Dizzying coral testimony that will literally put you on the edge of the seat with memorable performances by Niki Lauda, ​​Jackie Stewart and Fracois Cevert.

Tips for Pregnant Women and Driving

Road Safety

  • The safety belt must always be used correctly, whether it be a driver, copilot or passenger of a car.
  • The belt should be placed with the lower or pelvic band under the abdomen on the thighs, and tighten to the hips tightly around the pelvis. The frontal or diagonal or thoracic band must pass over the clavicle and between the breasts, surrounding the abdomen and never in front of it
  • Three-seat belts are more effective than two-seat belts. Whenever possible, it is advisable to use them with two anchorages.
  • Pregnant women can only be excluded from the use of the seat belt when advised by their gynecologist by means of a written certificate stating their situation and the approximate date of the end of gestation
  • Adjust the height of the seat belt as your abdomen increases.
  • Modify steering wheel and seat settings as many times as necessary during gestation to accommodate anatomical changes. The minimum separation between the body and the steering wheel should be 20 to 25 cm. If the steering wheel is adjustable in inclination, direct it towards the thorax and not towards the head or the abdomen.
  • Do not disconnect the airbag from the driver or co-driver, unless your doctor advises it for specific medical reasons
  • You should refrain from driving in the last weeks of gestation due to the impossibility of proper posture at the wheel due to the prominent size of the abdomen and the probability of starting abrupt contractions at risk of preterm delivery.
  • Driving should be avoided as soon as there is the slightest difficulty in handling the steering wheel or pedals, due to the size of the abdomen, especially in women of low stature.
  • The ideal is to drive accompanied from the 30th week of gestation
  • It is during the second trimester of gestation, between weeks 18 and 24 the best period to travel in a pregnant woman
  • For long trips, you should stop at least every 150 km or every two hours of driving, not less than 10-15 minutes, to rest, take food, go to the bathroom, walk …
  • Always carry water or liquids to avoid dehydration and foods rich in sugar such as candies or cookies to combat hypoglycemia.
  • Prolonged movements during pregnancy should not be made in the following cases: a history of preterm births, placental abnormalities, multiple pregnancy, hypertension or diabetes, and severe anemia.
  • In case of an accident, even if it is mild, the pregnant woman should urgently go to a health center to rule out any maternal-fetal complications.
  • After delivery, it is advisable to wait about 3 weeks in the case of a normal delivery, and 6 weeks if the delivery was by cesarean section; To resume driving.
  • After birth, a suitable child restraint system appropriate to the baby’s age and weight should be used from the first ride.

More information please click here.

How SEO looks like Formula 1

Formula 1 is perhaps one of the most contested competitions in the world, where the best will always strive to stay in the top position, in a strategic way and where a whole team dedicated to this purpose participates.

For this example we will put google, bing and yahoo. Like the track where the race will run.

The brands of a specific market will be the teams (some with more name than others).

The team is the agency or collaborators who support the professional in search engine optimisation gold coast.

The pilot is in charge of carrying in his vehicle all responsibility for the positioning strategy and will be directly responsible for making the results evident.

In search of the pole position (In search of entering the SERP).

All teams start with the same opportunities on the track; The weather, track terrain and additional factors must be analyzed by the team throughout the development of qualifying tests.

They allow a series of technologies and each team decides and invests a budget to get better and overcome their opponents.

The rules of the race are very clear, those who violate them will receive a penalty or punishment, if the team or the pilot rejoins, this will see the black flag and the race is over.

In SEO  ranking tests, they are just entering with a series of keywords and start competing for that long-sought pole or first positions in the SERP (Search engine result pages), where there are already experienced brands, which have already Run that same track for n seasons and know which are the best drivers and the best team to achieve the best positions.

Existing technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Mobile applications, Site maps, CMS, etc. can be used.

The rules in the search engines are clear. “If you do black hat seo strategies, you will be penalized and then you will disappear from the race.”

Start an endless race.

The 10 output positions are already defined; These are the most opted to win, but any error or oversight at the time of departure can result in loss of positions (leaving in the first place does not assure anything to the team, the team and the pilot), after all the Which leaves at position 20 also knows how to drive.

Semaphores  in green and to take care of the position.

If formula 1 is not fully optimized and something fails, the race is over. The same happens in SEO, during the race to maintain the positioning, it is important to keep constant updates and optimization complete to not fail and lose all the effort and investment of the team.

The entrance to pits.

It’s time for a help, the pilot has been doing his job well, but …

… can not do everything “imagine for a moment the pilot entering pits, and changing the four wheels himself, would spend many valuable seconds before getting out.

In SEO  the team that supports the strategy plays vital part, graphic design, metrics analysis, development with semantic structure and clean code, content writing, research, etc. They make the task much easier for the pilot.

The coverage of the media.

A team that never wins or stays in the top positions, does not receive the same coverage by the press and the world media, in exchange for the team that remains in the top positions becomes famous, receives money for Publicity, achieves first plans in the specialized newspapers, are in the mouth of opinion leaders, fans buy the brand and are happy to use it and watch it win.

In SEO   this activity is called linkbuilding which translates into trustrank, and is only to make the user feel good with the results of the brand and speak well of it in other sites or social networks. Achieving thus attract more fans, who are going to buy things of the brand to use it and to show it everywhere.

A puncture or failure in the pits.

The winning driver can be very confident, but at any moment unforeseen or mistakes can arise within the team that can damage the whole strategy (a personal twitt from the company account, for example) and after winning with a Advantage quite comfortable, you can lose it and finish in the last positions.

In SEO It  means that nothing insures a privileged position for life and stop performing actions to maintain it, will only cause that position to be lost at some point, “maybe the competition is not pinch”.

¿ And small teams?

Those are the ones that most are analyzing and rescuing the best of them, which is why the big teams tend to hire the best talent of the small as part of their strategy to continue maintaining those positions of privilege.

Although a small team fences losing the race by 2 laps of advantage, at the moment of an error it will only be a matter of seconds to recover those 2 laps.

Every year the rules change.

Each season changes the rules of the game and all teams must understand and adapt in the best way to continue to succeed in the race that come to the future.

This translates to SEO, when search engines perform updates (panda, penguin, tiger in bing and etc.), where the whole strategy can go to the floor and must be redefined. You should not criticize, or try to overturn what has already been established, it is best to adapt as soon as possible and to be successful before these changes that are becoming more frequent in SEO.

Dermal filling by injection of fillers for women racer

Restylane / Perlane

Restylane and Perlane are transparent gels based on hyaluronic acid, very effective in smoothing wrinkles and furrows, to “re-inflate” the flaccid and atrophic skin and to increase the volume of the lips. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that makes up a significant proportion of your skin. Dr. Benchetrit and our nurse specialists use Restylane and Perlane also for other purposes,


The results obtained with Restylane are temporary and naturally resolve with time. Treatments should be repeated to maintain the results.


Juvéderm is another injectable gel based on hyaluronic acid that can be used to minimize wrinkles, loss of volume or shape of the face, thin lips etc. Juvéderm has an unctuous consistency and flows easily into the skin, producing a result that is natural and smooth in appearance and touch. This product may offer some vs. The other “fillers”, according to the indication and type of skin of the patient. Juvéderm exists in several forms, each with a particular use, eg. Juvéderm “Ultra” and “Ultra Plus”, “Volbella”, “Voluma” etc. Juvederm “Voluma” is actually the first “filler” certified by the US FDA as having a durability of up to two years.


The “Radiesse” is a filler used mainly to fill deep wrinkles and furrows and to sculpt the face.It consists of microspheres of calcium hydroxyapatite, a substance found in our bones. Once the product has been injected, collagen forms around the microspheres, which are now a long-term “filler”. Due to its density and durability, the Radiesse is often used to increase the contours of the face, for example, to firm a weak chin or to enhance the sticks. It is also used for rejuvenating the hands, filling the deep grooves on the back of the hand and camouflaging thin skin and prominent veins.

The results obtained with Radiasse can last 18 months or more.


As its name suggests, Sculptra is used primarily to sculpt the contours of the face, including the chin, cheeks, temples and area around the eyes. Made of L-polylactic acid, Sculptra stimulates the production of collagen by the body, which firmens and thickens the skin gradually. Sculptra is particularly useful to “fill” the cheeks or hollow temples, and to give thickness to a thin and flabby skin. You may need two or three Sculptra treatments to achieve the desired results.

Since Sculptra works by stimulating your own collagen production, the results can last two years or more.


Selphyl is the most natural way to correct skin imperfections. It induces a natural regeneration of the tissues, utilizing your own body’s ability to stimulate the production of collagen. The result is a better texture and skin thickness. During treatment with Selphyl, one of our specialist nurses takes a sample of your blood, separates and concentrates platelets and fibrin, and then reinjects this platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into the targeted area. The PRP will then stimulate your own cells (fibroblasts) to produce collagen in large quantities. In general, Selphyl is used to target problem areas such as dark circles under the eyes, fine wrinkles around the mouth, horizontal wrinkles in the neck, crow’s feet, wrinkles in the neckline and so on.

Since it is your own collagen that is stimulated, the results obtained with Selphyl can last two years or more.

Dermal Filler for the Face: What to Expect

Many of these products already contain an anesthetic to minimize sensitivity. Our team could also use local anesthesia or anesthetic cream before administering the “filler”, to prevent any discomfort. The product is injected in small amounts using a syringe in the part of the face to be treated. The process may take up to 30 minutes depending on the treatment performed. Most of these products allow you to see results immediately. In the case of Sculptra and Selphyl, the results appear gradually. There may be redness and swelling after treatment, but these side effects will disappear within a day or two. Some patients will have bruising for several days. Depending on the product used,

Why choose Dr. Benchetrit and his team for injections?

Dr. Benchetrit and his nurses have over 20 years of combined experience in the use of “fillers” injections. The experience of the person making the injection is particularly important because the results of the “fillers” treatments depend on the technique of administration and the right choice of product for the problem to be treated. Dr. Benchetrit and his team administered these injections to thousands of patients; Their clinic is one of the busiest injection centers in Canada. The doctor and his nurses have trained many other doctors and their teams in proper injection technique, and the manufacturers of these products often consult with them. Therefore, if there are new developments related to these products or how to inject them, the Dr.

Find out more about dermal fillers

Would you like to restore the roundness of an aging face? Learn more info about face and body “fillers” availableclinic. Contact us today to fix your free consultation with our team.

How does a mini food processor work? race of the best!

If you have doubts about which kitchen robot to buy the best is that you weigh the pros and cons of some and other models. Now in the market it is becoming very popular to buy best mini food processors. These equipment are very useful in helping you to peel, chop, beat and mix different ingredients in recipes for pastry, sauces and other types of dough. Although this type of food processors do not have the power of other kitchen robots the truth is that for people living alone or families who do not usually cook for many people can use these appliances in a comfortable way, reducing the time that They dedicate to prepare their food. The cleaning of these devices is simple and once you have learned how to do it takes just a few minutes. Everything is a question of practice and also when using this type of apparatus.

Discover how to get the most out of a mini food processor. Maybe it will become the best kitchen robot for your home.

The appliance market does not stop surprising and the world of the most traditional kitchen robots, like Themomix, has come out competition. Today’s families, with fewer members, are acquiring a food miniprocessor for their homes. These devices have some of the best features when it comes to helping to prepare easy and rich recipes. These teams can process food in small quantities faster, and not force you to make as much effort as if you did it yourself manually. The equipment is designed for new kitchens, which have a much smaller number of square meters. These appliances are ideal for you to have everything you need at hand in your kitchen without having to give up anything . The new generation mini processors are very small and can be installed comfortably on the kitchen counter without any obstacles. To operate, they only need to be plugged into the mains.

Thanks to its small dimensions and easy and intuitive handling, every day more homes have a mini-food processor in their kitchen. Although in the market of kitchen robots you can find more sophisticated equipment, the truth is that these models can help you prepare the recipes that your whole family demands in an easy and fast. Mixing ingredients, grinding food and chopping are some of the most popular functions of these equipment that can help you when preparing any type of pastry recipe, or a sauce or a smoothie.

Organizing meals for you and your family on a daily basis is a pretty tough task. If you need help you do not have to resort to an appliance too big and sophisticated. Maybe a food miniprocessor is all you need. These teams behave in an optimal way when processing food and help reduce the preparation time of your favorite recipes. You will see as if you begin to use it you will not conceive the tasks of the kitchen without him. These equipment have a small size but a large number of features to aid in the development of recipes.

Immersis, the projector that brings virtual reality in the living room

Designed by a French startup, Immersis is a projector designed to offer a virtual reality experience in the living room. The project achieved its goal on Kickstarter.

If we talk a lot about virtual reality at the moment, it is mainly because of the rapid evolution of the market of helmets exploiting this technology. Oculus VR, Samsung and company tend to monopolize attention when talking about virtual reality, while other projects, such as Microsoft’s RoomAlive , still flourish the prototype. But on the fringes of these big names, a French startup is planning to put on sale a virtual reality projector for October 2015.

Based in Aubière, Puy-de-Dôme, Catopsys works with Ogilvy Lab Paris to design a projector designed to transform the walls of a room into an immersion area. The video game or the video broadcast on television is transformed into a huge image projected at 180 or 360 degrees, depending on the experience that users want to experience.

The proposal is therefore to make the solitary experience of augmented reality as proposed by helmets, a common experience, at the heart of the show. The scope is described as ”  unlimited  “, even if it is necessarily better to use Immersis with works that are specifically adapted.



The living room as a screen

360 ° videos are compatible, as are video games running with a real-time 3D engine – in this case, the calculated image does not normally appear on the screen that is being projected, as an extension . Catopsys has already developed a plugin dedicated to make completely compatible games using the Unity 3D engine, while a beta version dedicated to the Unreal Engine is also available. For the other engines, a “universal” plugin is also required. ” It will only take a few minutes for game developers to make their content compatible with Immersis, which will offer new possibilities to players, ” says the startup.

To ensure that the system works properly, Catopsys and Ogilvy Lab have developed patented technologies, in particular to ensure the best possible calibration of the image, so that the projection is in the right format and provides the best perspective for the player. Thanks to a tracing system, the image constantly adapts to the position of the user, as shown in the video below.

Such a device has, as can be imagined, a non-negligible cost: it will be marketed at the end of the year at the price of 2500 dollars. The Kickstarter campaign currently underway makes it possible to acquire Immersis at less than half its price with the limited offers: a proposal that attracts interested parties, since Catopsys reached its target of $ 100,000 last weekend . The campaign will end on 18 February. Visit heimkinoleinwandtest.de/heimkino-beamer-test.

Race of The 5 Best Oil Free Fryers 2017

What is the best fryer on the market?

Frying is a way of cooking that gives a special flavor and texture to many foods, one way to prevent the food from absorbing too much fat in this process is to follow the guide to buy the best fryer.

Analyze the following aspects in your comparison of fryers so that you can buy a cheap fryer at the same time as efficient.

Deep fryer

Buying Guide

Heat Mechanism

One of the most important factors in choosing which fryer is best is its temperature control mechanism.

In order for the frying process to be adequate and with the lowest possible absorption of fat, once the oil has heated up, the fryer must be able to maintain the temperature between 160 and 190 ° C.

Beyond 190º C we run the risk of burning the oil and food we are frying, and if the temperature is below 160º our food will not only not remain with the proper texture but will absorb more fat.


The capacity will largely determine how much a frypot costs, if it is for 1 or 2 people, it will suffice with a pot with about 3 cups capacity. These pots are one compartment and one basket.

There are pots of up to eight or ten cups capacity, some with separate compartments for frying different foods or with multiple baskets so as not to mix the foods being fried.

We must analyze what capacity we require, a small fryer will involve more time in preparing the food we require or the temptation to put more food in the basket than it should be causing a bad cooking.

Likewise, if you buy a very large pot, think that every time you turn it on you will have to spend more energy in heating all that oil, this is not worth if we are only going to make one or two servings. Likewise, every time you change the oil you must invest more money.


The mechanism of the frying pots is very simple, simply heat the oil to the desired temperature, most come with a temperature selector dial according to the food to be fried, once the oil is at that temperature, the frypot will show us some Indicator so we know it’s time to put the food to fry. Only by maintaining the temperature at that level will the food retain the ideal moisture and seal its surface to prevent excessive absorption of fat.

Cleanability: Looking for a pot that is easily cleaned, if you have a dishwasher you’ll want to know if some of the parts of the fryer are washable in it. Especially important to know if they have any filter, to have it is important to know if it is a permanent filter, whether it is replaceable or washable.

Basket:  The basket to extract food and drain the excess oil is indispensable, it is also useful to put food frying without splashing oil. Most fryers have only one basket, but some have more than one, allowing you to simultaneously fry two foods without sticking together or frying two foods that require different cooking times without any problem. In fact, modern fryers can have several compartments whose temperature you can control independently of each other.

In addition, having two or more compartments allows you to cook food without mixing flavors, for example using one of the fish compartments and the like.

Rotary baskets:   This feature is present in the new generation of fryers instead of frying foods does immersed in oil with minimal amount of oil.

The fryers with this technology go using a rotating basket that goes in and out of the oil, but they are not good for all foods. Although the initial investment is higher, they cook in a healthier and cheaper way.

Fryer guide


Security measures

The depth of the pot is itself a safety measure because the deeper it is the less likely the hot oil will spatter. Also check that the lid of the pot closes well, and if possible have some mechanism of closing and that are transparent to see the food without needing to open the pot.

Most pots of this type even when the oil is at maximum temperature are kept fresh on the outside so you will not burn yourself if you touch the pot.

Some pots include as a safety feature the auto-off option after some time when it does not detect active use of the pot to prevent it from being ignited by default or overheated by overuse. Some also allow programming the operation for a certain time.

Which is the best fryer in 2017?

Leave the past behind and join the new era! Forget about the leftover food that is stuck in the pan thanks to the system offered by the best professional fryer. If you want to know a little more about models and the best prices on the market, Ver más ahora:

Recommended Products

Princess Aerofryer XL

1.3 Princess Digital Aerofryer XL

Main advantage:

The main advantage that we can find associated with the model of fryer Princess Digital Aerofryer is the possibility of being able to make all type of traditional frituras without needing a drop of oil. Users on the web are delighted with the possibility of being able to cook their food in a healthier way.

Main disadvantage:

There are not too many disadvantages associated with a product that works as wonderfully well as the Princess Digital Aerofryer XL fryer; Although it is important to emphasize that the manual included in the model is really very basic, it is at a disadvantage compared to other competitors in the market that include manuals of use with very complete recipes.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

This Princess brand model is one of the best oil-free fryers of the moment, recommended for all those who are looking for a healthier way to prepare food. If you want a kind of oven comfortable, easy to use, high power and easy to clean this product is perfect for you.




Among the first things to be seen when the Princess Digital Aerofryer XL model is carefully analyzed are all the details associated with the product design.

We especially liked that it was an article with good overall dimensions; Its measures are around 38.6 cm in width 34, 6 cm in depth and 32, 4 cm in height, with a general weight this 5 kg in total.

It is a product made in a scheme of colors as attractive as modern, where predominates black and silver. In another order, thanks to the incorporation in its design of an LCD that allows a better handling of the product as well as a digital timer.

Nor should you worry about having any accidents with this article, since its developers have placed anti-skid on the base that prevent all kinds of unexpected movements.

1.1 Princess Digital Aerofryer XL



When looking for the best fryer in the market it is important to observe the aspects related to the capacity of the product; Many models in the market are really effective and powerful but their small dimensions make it difficult to use them in family or day-to-day meals.

Fortunately you will not have this problem if you decide to take home the fryer model presented in this description, since its large volume facilitates the cooking of several portions of food in one pass; For example if it is potatoes you can make up to five servings in one session. In its specifications we can see that the interior capacity of the model is up to 3.2 liters, in addition to being a product 100% suitable for dishwashers.

Does not use oil

One of the biggest problems when it comes to buying a fryer is that, as we all know, eating fried foods is not the best option for your health. This is one of the reasons why we have given such a good rating to the model of fryer Princess Digital Aerofryer XL, since when compared with other items in its category, this has an undoubted advantage as it is a product that achieves texture and The taste of fried foods but without using a single drop of oil.

This fryer model is ideal for day-to-day use, for use with people who have cholesterol problems, or simply to continue enjoying your favorite fried foods without affecting your weight.

Duronic AF1 


1.Duronic AF1This fryer is ideal for processing various types of food making them crisp using very little or very little oil. In this sense, if you are looking to reduce oil consumption but do not want to stop enjoying your food as if you had dipped it in oil.

This is achieved thanks to an efficient method of operation that involves the use of hot air circulating inside the appliance and allows cooking to be achieved, whether you are looking for frying, baking, grilling or grilling .

It has capacity for 2.2 liters of content and its size is compact, so you do not have to worry about placing it in your kitchen, and also for its elegant design will combine with the rest of the artifacts.

Likewise, the hygiene level is very high because it prevents splashes because the container is kept covered, and the basket and bowl of the fryer can be placed in the dishwasher, so you do not have to try too hard to keep it clean.


Operation: It works without requiring excessive amounts of oil, in fact in some cases you can do without this ingredient and make food more healthy because its mechanism is cooking with hot air circulation.

Capacity: With its 2.2 liter capacity can process a sufficient amount of food for several people either your family or friends.

Cleaning: You could maintain the hygiene of this appliance without problems since first does not generate spatter because it is quite tight and because some of its parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Control: Lets have a good range of control over the temperature inside thereof, by a simple selector ranging from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius.

Size: It has a compact size that will allow you to place it anywhere you choose the kitchen or even move to another location if you need to continue to cook with little oil in another area.

Philips AirFryer HD9220 / 20 


The best fryersThe outstanding aspect of this fryer is its patented Rapid Air technology that will allow you to cook your food up to 80% less fat resulting in a drastic reduction in the intake of oils so your health will benefit. It has a more efficient circulation of air than its competitors so that the emission of unpleasant vapors is practically null offering you a kitchen free of bad odors.

In addition, your tray is able to load with 800 grams of what you want and its built-in timer will keep you aware of the state of your food so that it does not pass cooking. Its elegant and compact design allows this fryer to occupy a small space in your kitchen while it is suitable for the dishwasher and therefore is the best fryer for you.

If you are looking for the best fryer of the moment, then the Philips AirFryer HD9220 / 20 can be ideal if you are looking for economy, results and healthier food. If you want to know more about it, just take a look at its pros and cons below.



Rapid Air technology: thanks to this innovative model features Rapid Air technology, does not need a single bit of oil to leave your food ready for any opportunity. With this Rapid Air system, this fryer Philips brand, cooking based on hot air, coming to be considered by users as a mini oven with the results of a fryer.

Programmable: is easily configurable for temperature and time of cooking food, so it does not really matter what kind of food go to prepare, be sure that the best fryer for 150 euros designed by Philips has estimated times Cooking as well as the ideal temperature for them.

Cookbook: If you have no idea what you could cook with a fryer, do not worry! The AirFryer HD9220 / 20 includes a recipe book with which you can guide and follow one or another advice on how to use your fryer, what kind of food to cook and, above all, how to prepare! So you should not allow this to be a limitation when purchasing one of these equipments and, best of all, that all its parts suitable for the dishwasher. Seize it!

Compact: this fryer has a deposit of 800 grams, as it is ideal for kitchens and small places. However, users have reported that cooking a lot, this might not work with excellence, so it is important not to abuse it.


Russell Hobbs 20810-56 Purifry 


1.Russell Hobbs 20810-56 PurifryThe latest trend in health in the kitchen is marked by fryers without oil. Products that fry by means of the action of the heat, without hardly fat, without discomfort and with a much reduced caloric content.

As a sign of this new trend we find the model Russell Hobbs 20810-56 Purifry, which is responsible for leaving any food perfect without hardly any effort or expense. For its high quality is one of the products most valued by consumers, offering a capacity of two liters of food, directly because it does not include oil in the preparation.

To help you cook more comfortably, you have a timer for up to 60 minutes, so that everything is in place without having to be on top of the fryer while working. All this without odors, without mixed flavors and with a much healthier meal.


Capacity: despite its compact design features two liters, more than enough for families up to four members.

Thermostat: its variable thermostat allows you to cook up to temperatures of 200 degrees depending on the amount and type of food you’re going to fry.

Double basket: novelty, having no oil, this fryer has a double basket so you can have two foods cooking simultaneously.

Cleaning the basket can be cleaned directly in the dishwasher, which facilitates leave the fryer as new after use.

Recipe: so you can make the most of their functions the fryer has a recipe with the times and modes of preparation for different foods.


Learning since we’re used to fry the traditional way is necessary to learn and adjust cooking times and to evaluate the results obtained in frying.
Clatronic FR 3195


1.Clatronic FR 3195If you usually have a lot of people at the dinner table or it bothers you that when you finish frying the potatoes the rest of the fried are cold then the Fryer Clatronic FR 3195 is just what you were looking for.

It is one of the fryers with greater capacity of the market, no less than four liters, which allows you to have a basket of large capacity or two independent baskets that almost equal the size of a traditional basket, so that you can fry Two types of food at a time without one being cooled.

Its high power and submerged resistance system make the fryer ready to start working in a short time, while extending the life of the oil and preventing the filtering or mixing of the flavors. When you finish using it you can clean it easily thanks to its completely removable design.



Submerged resistance: the resistance immersed directly in the oil allows us to heat the same way directly for more efficient results.

Fully removable: all parts are detachable from the main body to make you much easier cleaning.

Double tray: the double tray allows two fritters at a time so you do not have to wait to prepare complete meals.

Heating: though your deposit holds up to four liters of oil heating time is about five minutes, thanks to its 2000 watts of power.

Large shopping: if you decide to use individual basket offers an ample capacity sufficient fry for four or more people.


Oil consumption: by its characteristics this fryer tends to consume more oil than other similar models, though not much more than a three – liter, for example.


Tefal Actifry YV9601 


2The Tefal Actifry YV9601 is a firm candidate for the position of best fryer of 2017, according to users. This 2 in 1 fryer allows you to cook two different types of food that can weigh up to 1 kg with only one tablespoon of oil.

This is thought by the Tefal family whose purpose is to take care of their customers. It also includes a cookbook so you can cook the best dishes and in a short period of time given that its 1550 W make it a powerful appliance saving thus in the time of use of electricity.

Its glass lid allows you to visualize the state of your meals avoiding annoying splashes on the countertop and your healthy cooking dish allows you to cook full portions of meat, fish, chicken, whatever you choose! And it will always remain as you wish and to the point.

When thinking about which fryer to buy, it is necessary to take into account the size of your kitchen, how many people make up your family and, of course, how much you are willing to invest for a device like this. Well, if your kitchen is big, your family large and you do not care to invest more than the bill in a fryer, then the Actifry YV9601, brand Tefal may be what you need. If so, check it out below.


Compartments: This team has not only a magazine to prepare any type of food, but two ready for action! Forget to waste time preparing food slowly, you can do it more quickly thanks to the two departments that includes this fryer, in which you can have one area for fragile food and another for others.

Quantity: thanks to the aforementioned magazines, you will be able to cook up to 1,200 grams in food, the same time! So you will have a meal in a single cooking and ready with just a little oil, being healthy and economical at the same time.

Suitable for the dishwasher so you do not worry about washing and cleaning, since it is very simple.


Size and price: keep in mind that this model is very large, given the views of users, so to acquire should make sure to have the required space, and, of course, is much more expensive compared to other models .

DeLonghi F34512 


3If you are looking for the best fryer with an unmatched finish, this model may be the right one for you. Its refined and compact design adapts perfectly to your kitchen adding a professional touch with its stainless steel finish which also allows you to place your fryer in the dishwasher without any problem thus avoiding unnecessary efforts and time.

Likewise, it has a system called “Cold Zone” which prevents the remaining food remains in the equipment burn so that will keep the oil cleaner for longer time thus offering a satisfactory experience in later cooking. It also has an overheating protection which will keep you calm knowing that your fryer runs your task safely, while its handles have the ability to stay cool to the touch to avoid accidents.

DeLonghi brand products are usually a good complement in the kitchen, so checking your positives and negatives would be ideal before you think about purchasing one, check them out below.


Dishwasher safe: This model is made on the basis of stainless steel, so it can be more than sure that is dishwasher safe and is completely washable in any respect, so do not worry about it.

Capacity: has a capacity of up to 1,000 grams in foods, ie, you can fry any a lot in just a few minutes, depending on the product.


Oil: unlike previous models, it uses a lot of oil and it is not healthy for any reason. If you want some good greasy fries, go for it! Otherwise, it is not advisable.

Coolzone: While features a Coolzone which “guarantees” that the oil is kept cold and last longer, we must limit that is not reliable, since this Fryer heats easily and must be very careful not to burn .

Taurus 973945


5If you are not willing to invest too much and looking for the best cheap fryers, this is the one for you. This compact model of the Taurus brand, offers you 1700 W of power which will help you to cook your food quickly and homogeneously, and its spectacular design with stainless steel finishes will combine perfectly with your kitchen, in addition to being placed In the dishwasher.

This fryer is ideal for small families since its capacity allows the cooking of a complete meal and its indicators shown in the thermostat will help you to know which temperature is appropriate for the type of food you want to cook so that it is always cooked to The perfection.

This Taurus brand model is the cheapest fryer on this list, and it is because it meets the basic functions, which are fry and leave your food with a good taste. However, reviewing its main features is a good idea before acquiring it:


Size: The good thing about this fryer Taurus is that it is small, so it can accommodate anywhere in your kitchen.

Dishwasher safe: By having stainless steel materials and being completely removable, you’ll get this fryer in the dishwasher without fear of damage.

Automatic shutdown: No matter if you forgot to turn off or disconnect the fryer, this equipment after some downtime is switched-off automatically to prevent accidents.


Capacity: to be compact includes an oil tank for only two liters, limiting the amount of food you can fry at the same time being these only 800 grams.

Danger frying: Despite being the cheapest model has a big problem, which is that you do not have any cover when frying, making skip the oil and stain your machine and your kitchen and yourself, can Burn you


These products used to be among the most recommended, but are now no longer available

Philips HD6163 / 00


4Considered one of the best quality fryers, the Phillips HD6163 / 00 fills expectations. Its 2000 W of power guarantee a quick cooking so that you can enjoy your meals in a short time and its foldable frying tray makes its extraction very easy to be stored.

All parts are dishwasher safe, saving time and effort by keeping your equipment available, while your on / off switch ensures your safety. It has a window to watch the process of cooking your food and prevent it from burning.

Also, its built-in filter will prevent bad smells and its removable bucket will make it much easier to get rid of residual oil so you can get your fryer back in record time!

Since Philips is considered the best brand of fryers on the market, it takes two places on this list. In this case, the HD6163 / 00 model of this company is totally different from the one mentioned above, which is why it is fair and necessary to review its pros and cons.


Oil capacity: if you like crunchy foods, and with a little flavored oil and fry, then you ‘ll be on target with this model as it has a reservoir capable of storing up to 3 liters of oil, making fry until 1,000 grams of potatoes or other food quickly.

Coolzone system: which has been hailed by users, the remains left in the oil not burned, can reuse it several times before needing to change it , and you can easily wash all equipment being dishwasher safe.

Do not try to hit this model because you will not find it!

Virtual funeral, an innovation for this Day of the Dead

The funeral tradition is renewed in Mexico and Grupo Gayosso will start the service of Virtual Funeral with which people can be present in the wake of a loved one in the funeral homes of this institution, long distance.

Likewise, the company will and list of the 10 best mortician schools offer new services such as the delivery of a Memorial Book to the relatives, with the condolences that people leave written in special electronic devices for the case, in addition to photographs.

Oscar Chávez, Planning Director and spokesperson for Grupo Gayosso, ranked among the 10 largest worldwide, stressed that the company already has ready the Virtual Funeral service that will be launched in early 2017.

This project has been prepared for a year and will be launched in 11 funeral agencies of the group, initially and later in the rest, commented in an interview.

He explained that relatives or close people will be able to attend through their mobile devices or computer, to the vigilance of a loved one entering a special portal and with security requirements.

Chavez stressed that a wake in Mexico allows families and friends to gather around the departed loved one, so this social component continues to be in force and reinforced with virtual assistance for those who live in another entity or can not come for Some other reason.

Gayosso’s marketing director also said that in 2017 there will be unprecedented investments and there will be some changes where people will be offered more comfort when they say goodbye to their loved one.

The Gayosso Group, which has been in existence for 142 years, ranks eight among the world’s largest and most advanced agencies, and has been characterized by Mexico’s flagship funeral home, which maintains tradition, but also sets the course To be followed for other companies in the sector.

For this November 2, Gayosso will support the work “The Tales of Catrina” to be presented in the Lunario del Auditorio Nacional, which was adapted to take it to some schools and that the funeral tradition in Mexico is still alive.

How to clean the upholstery of your car and leave it sparkling with these simple tips

Now is the summer, a period of intensive vehicles on long trips during which the upholstery of your car will be exposed to various dangers in the form of soft drinks, coffee, fast food or baby milk.

The interior of our vehicles is often an authentic letter of introduction that speaks without shame about its owner. In SpaceToyota we want to lend a hand with a few tricks to get out of trouble if the once pristine upholstery is attacked by the ruthless stain on duty.

Coffee, fat …

For spills of coffee it is best to dilute it immediately, or at least as soon as possible, with cold and dry with paper towels or clean rags water. If the stain persists after it has dried use a glass cleaner spray. Completely moisten the area, leave it to stand for about five minutes and dry. The crystals help clean all types of carpet and upholstery without leaving the jabonos residue or most traditional carpet cleaners, which attract more dirt after use.

Gt86 interior

The more greasy stains can be removed by rubbing paint thinner (do a test before in some area out of sight) with a cotton cloth 100 100 clean. Then cover the stain with salt until the remaining fat is absorbed, and then pass a good vacuum. Another option is to cover the stain with cornmeal and let it stand all night, sucking the next morning.

You know that drinking and driving does not lead to anything good. But if a passenger has a mishap with his beer or spilled some alcohol from a bottle in the trunk what you must do is dilute the stain immediately with plenty of cold water to avoid color loss permanent on the web.

One trick that suits me well for yoghurt and dairy stains is to rub it with lots of water with very little neutral soap, I usually use bath gel. A good sponge and a little patience and no trace left.

Blood and the dreaded vomiting

I still remember the very unpleasant feeling of dizziness on the twisty roads of Asturias as a child. We had already established a kind of “protocol” when the peak moment arrived, never better said, and my sister or I threw as an exorcist girl. The vomiting of children , adults or pets, should be diluted and neutralized (s acid) with mineral water or a mixture of baking soda and water.

Not so common are stains blood but especially in family cars, we can also come up with them occasionally. It is very important not to use hot water that actually would fix the stain, it is appropriate to cover the stain as soon as possible with a paste made from dry laundry starch and cold water. Allow to dry and then brush or vacuum the residue.

Carpet and carpet cleaning tips

For general cleaning of carpets or rugs, mix a bucket of hot water, a good amount of dishwashing detergent and add a cup of white vinegar. Essential to a good brush with stiff bristles to work the mixture thoroughly into the fabric fibers. Leave to stand for 30 minutes and then dry with thick towels or absorbent rags.

If the carpet starts to smell bad , sprinkle Borax generously, then let it act for an hour before vacuuming thoroughly. Borax kills bacteria that are often the cause of bad smell. If your dog travels with you, you will be interested in knowing that a second Borax application will kill fleas and their eggs.

Interior Toyota Auris Touting Sports

Before the carpet begins to show excessive wear , vacuum them as you would at home. This will lift the fibers and counteract the long-term effects of the dirt that has been accumulating. If the situation is really bad, you might consider using a shark steam cleaning machine . If you do make sure you get rid of all the moisture when you’re done, stepping on a wet carpet will only damage the fibers even more.

Of course in the market you can find multitude of specific products, for the leather also, that are suitable for maintenance of the different surfaces of the car.

But much more valuable are those tricks we all have and that will help us keep the interior of our vehicle in the state it deserves. Just remember that it is advisable to do a small test in some non visible area of ​​the material before applying chemicals.

Diets of the F1 racers

That only the models care about their weight and that men do not undergo 3 week diet, is one of the myths that sportsmen have been breaking, this not only with their metrosexual attitude and their secondary careers in advertising modeling as they didDavid Beckham The Cristiano Ronaldo. On the contrary, much of their training is for the control of their bodies and specifically for their weight.

This is a consequence of the standards that are requested for the different activities in which they are developed. All sports have rules and these are not limited to the measures of the courts, the numbers of members for the equipment, or the necessary equipment, but That within the measurements the athletes themselves are included.

There are those in whom these rules seem obvious, as in the case of contact sports, where it seems fair that the opponents are on equal terms, but there are others on which the physical does not seem so important, especially when it is believed Which is not required for competition; For example, the case of motorsport.

Carmudi, the fastest growing automotive portal in Mexico, has been given the task of investigating about some of the myths about racing Formula One with respect to the diets of their brokers. Of these, it has been said that they are not even really athletes, and that the true glory is for automotive engineering, so they do not require any training.

However, it is these pilots who endure five times the force of gravity and temperatures above 50ºC. It is they who from a very early age have to work in a physical and mental strength as well as a resistance and control in all aspects, to get to run the Grand Prix and filled with the joy of champagne on the podium awards.

What is behind this regime? Why is not it enough to know how to drive and want to go fast? Well, just like in horse racing and boxing, in auto racing you have parameters to achieve balance. That’s why the muscle mass of Formula One racers is constantly reviewed by their teams.

Leading riders including 2009 world cup champion JensonButton and Red Bull rider Mark Webber consider this control over their weight as a challenge they have only been able to achieve by discipline. “I strive to reach the limit weight. I’ve done it for 6 years, “Button told reporters at the Korean Grand Prix.

The weight of the riders is a topic of the moment because the next season the redesign of the cars will be heavier. That means lighter riders, like Felipe Massa, who weighs 59 kilos, will have an advantage over bigger riders like Nico Hulkenberg, who weighs 74 kilos, due to the balance that each team must make.

The racing cars have a minimum weight of 642kilos (weight of the car and the combined driver without fuel), to help the level of competition. The teams have margins to add ballasts and adjust the balance and handling of the cars for each circuit; Hence the preference is for cars and drivers with weight below the minimum so that the team can play with the ballast and fix the difference.

“We try to develop the car, but sometimes that means that the car is heavier, so when the car is heavy, the only way to lose weight is with the driver,” explains Carlos Corell, who runs Caterham and is in charge of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Diet and diet of driver Giedo Van Der Garde.

The weight is only one reason why the new drivers of Formula One cleared the myth in which only the cars did the hard work. Today drivers are considered athletes who train to get a thin body, carefully balanced and built for both endurance and for strength.

To achieve this, they need rigorous training combined with an accurate and strict diet that combines carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats, such as olive oil and avocado. “We worked hard to maintain the weight. If you want to be in F1, you need to have a push, you have to train harder than the rest, you have to take the diet carefully, “says Corell.

Learn accounting by playing video game GoVenture Accounting

The ability of serious games to enter truly “serious” territories is catapulting gender as a business tool. In this line, today we bring a title that offers the possibility of training the player in a field as complex as business accounting and bookkeeping services newcastle. This is GoVenture Accounting, a simulation video game that allows the player to acquire practical accounting skills while managing a virtual business.

More than a playful theme of basic accounting, this serious game puts the player in the shoes of a business owner who can directly experience the impact and importance of accounting. Each action is recorded in the context of a real business situation, a business that the player sees evolve for days, months and years.

Each accounting entry is done through a window that simulates decision making in real life. The simulation will not take place until the correct action is performed. If the player gets stuck, it gives him the option to get basic information to better understand the transaction or, directly, get the correct answer.

GoVenture Accounting tracks the player and, every time you access the game, gives you a report on the performance of your work. This allows you to know if the player is doing the transactions correctly and if he is progressing within the business simulation.

Simulation automatically generates financial reports such as balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, ledgers, general ledger and others that are based on published accounting entries. The game also leaves a role for instructors, who can assign extra learning activities external to the simulation, using spreadsheets and other approaches.

The player must decide which products to sell and where and when to sell them in order to maximize profits. Product pricing, inventory management, advertising hiring, reviewing financial statements, hiring employees, managing schedules, accounting practices … All these are aspects that the player works in GoVenture Accounting, A videogame in which there is a permanent evaluation of the decisions that are made, as well as of their impact in the market and in the satisfaction of the clients.


If you have arrived here, it is because you are not very clear that it is a kayak, and what is worse, you do not know what you want. Knowing the types of kayak and its characteristics is what you will see here. A good start is to know the difference between kayaking, kayak and canoeKayaking is like canoe , and boat Eskimos. You are sitting on the helmet, with your legs stretched out and the shovel has two leaves. As simple as that.

Canoeing is what led the Indians of the movies. A boat where you go kneeling, or sitting on a crossbar, and the shovel is a single blade. This position greatly influences the behavior of the boat and comfort of the paddler. Only good for calm waters and there are better options for the sea. He thinks that he does not carry reserves of buoyancy and when being open the water enters easily with the waves. The canoe is not very popular in Spain and is only recommended if you know very well that is what you are looking for.


This is not a scale from worse to better, each type of kayak is used for something different, so forget about a kayak for everything. As some order had to be established, I will place them benefits .

At the lowest rung, we found the best inflatable kayak . They are boats, with elongated shape, I would not consider them kayak. Wide and tall behave fatal in the water and do not convey good feelings. By cons are cheap and are transported more easily. I would only consider it as an option if you do not have space, or if your budget is 100-200 euros.

Inflatable kayak

A little further up are the autovaciables or sit on tops kayaks . Being very simple is an open type kayak. These and the inflatables are the ones that put us morritos and little eyes so that you buy them when you go to Decathlon. Surely that has been the beginning of many people. They are made of plastic, and they are very resistant, they endure everything. They are minimalist and do not sink. In case of water fall you can climb with ease. It also allows freedom of movement . All this makes it an ideal boat for people starting, wants diving, fishing or surfing . On the other hand, they are kayaks with little seafaring lines, and very wide. This results in a lot of stability but little capacity to do a few kilometers. And what’s worse: you get wet, especially at sea. In summer, spring. The rest of the year, no. There is also a hue and is that going over the kayak, the center of gravity is higher, and as just touch the boat with his feet and buttocks, control and strength you can do is lower . There is a brand Hobie kayak that puts pedals. I also do not want to forget the CubyKayak an innovative halfway between the detachable and self – emptying concept, although a beach mat it looks like.

Self-emptying kayak

Then we had to  closed kayak . They are the ones that most resemble the original concept that was born thousands of years ago in Greenland. You sit inside and you put a skirt at the waist (covers) that seals the water entrance. The interior can be flooded, so it must carry watertight compartments. In this type of kayak there are many variants. The length and width (long and wide for dryland) are the main variables. With a width of 60 cm and a length of 350 cm we are already talking about a kayak that offers decent performance for an adult. But there are a few more (hull shape, volume …) that will mark the behavior of the kayak. All of them adapt to the waters where you are going to sail, and the benefits that you want. They are manufactured in various materials and is the best format if you intend to make yourself kayaking .

Closed kayak

A variant is closed whitewater kayak . They are very short kayaks where the boat is reduced to the minimum and the maneuverability is the maximum end. This virtue will be worth to negotiate the turbulent waters of a river or a wave. Also to make impossible turns and somersaults. There are variants like that are a little longer and incorporate a tambourine to carry the snack, a mute and little else. Others allow pirouettes and acrobatics. In these kayaks the eskimotaje maneuver is a requirement, not an option. The times I’ve tried I’ve been a bit overwhelmed because it’s not easy to get out of them. At least in an upright position.

Kayak surf

The type of kayak more unknown to me is the removable kayak . This format triumphed as Chicane in the last century and for a time marked the awakening of this sport . It is a wooden cage (or aluminum) covered by a waterproof fabric. It is the dream of many traveling people, because it fits in a big backpack. But nevertheless it maintains lines that allow to him to have a good benefits. By contra they are expensive. There is one that has become famous, the Oru kayak for geek out on many sites. Far from being a toast to the design, its manufacturers are betting on a powerful distribution, and to prove that it is a valid kayak to navigate almost anywhere ..

Removable kayak

Now we move on to the kayaks racing (track). Here the minimum weight and a design that allows to cut the water are the desired characteristics. Stability, comfort and maneuverability are forgotten. In this sense are what are called track kayaks or calm waters, where the ass gets you right and the knees usually go outside the bath. One of these was my first kayak.

Kayak track

A step further are the surfski , kayaks to run into the sea. They are kayaks with a line similar to those of track and autovaciables, so they do not sink. Its design is optimized to surf for a good time the waves. As in track kayaks surfski are built with composite materials. In both cases it is paddled with a bucket to find the maximum traction.

Surfski kdmlevante

The kayak polo would be like a mixture of water polo and bumper cars. These kayaks are usually fiber, very short for great maneuverability. With a very round helmet to facilitate the eskimo, and protections in stern and bow because the contact is allowed. Its profile is low to allow if a kayak is raised on top, lower easily. It’s the porno side of the kayak.

Polo kayak

An interesting variant is the Polynesian or Va’a canoe . This is a fast variant that comes from exotic places in the Pacific. In the right hands they fly in the sea. It is like a surfski to which we add a small skate to give stability in the sea. It is an excellent option for people with disabilities.

Polynesian canoe or vaa paracanoa

In almost all types of kayak (less in the one of pole and surf) it is possible that it is double or triple. Now that you know the types of kayak Worth knowing that soon grew tired of my Rotomod Ocean Duo , and read my tips for buying a kayak closed. All of these differences will help you a little so that you do not get into those rubber sellers who want to sell you anything. ” Quiet with this kayak whitewater turn around to Mallorca “. If you still have questions send me an email .